10 Little Sanity Saving Tricks For Moms Who Feel Like They’re Drowning

10 Little Sanity Saving Tricks For Moms Who Feel Like They’re Drowning

All of us have been there. You’re in a park, grocery store, or playgroup. You can see it coming a mile off. It begins modestly. A shout here, a moan there. Then it takes place. Your kid lashes out. You’re now the mother in the silent room with the screaming, flailing kid. Although I have experienced this numerous times, I do remember one instance clearly.

“NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!” They most likely heard the scream in the next state. I was in a red-hot rage and could feel heads turning as I dragged my wailing kid across the park to our van. I switched between begging and pleading, bribing, speaking while clenching my teeth (yep, I whisper-yelled), and then switching back to appealing. We’ll go grab lunch if you buckle up like a big girl in your car seat. She didn’t buckle up like a big girl in the car seat. Have you ever fought a bear that was enraged? It must be similar to battling a stubborn kid, in my opinion. I buckle her in and tell her, “Mommy is not happy with you,” before closing my automated door and wishing I had a door to slam. I climbed into the driver’s seat and inhaled deeply twice. I wish I could say that when it happened, I experienced grace. I didn’t, though.

Grace. Why is it so difficult? I battle grace every day. I am harsh with myself. I become impatient with my adorable kid. On certain days, I feel as though I’m drowning. On certain days, I question if I’ll even survive the day unscathed. It seems like my kids pick to act up on the days when things start stacking up the most. Do you recognize the types of days I’m referring to? When you feel so under strain and like you might not make it, you could even burst.

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Do one of these ten things the next time you have a day like this.

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