11 Things You Should Never Do Just After You Wake Up

Awkwardly Stretch Your Body

Do you continue to curl up in a ball after waking up? Or do you make a small stretch? According to research, if you stay in the fetal position after opening your eyes, you can have a bad morning. The study was done by Harvard PHD candidate Dr. Amy J.C. Cuddy. She claimed that persons who curled up while they slept and stayed curled up when they woke up lacked the confidence of those who extended their bodies out (almost like a cat).

11 Things You Should Never Do Just After You Wake Up

You don’t want to overdo it with the stretching, though. Injury might arise from abruptly rising from the bed and arching your body in various directions. Be cautious of stretching if you intend to do so. Your spinal discs rehydrate as you sleep by decompressing and absorbing fluids. Most people are taller in the morning than they are later in the day because your back’s discs expand during the course of the night.

Unfortunately, this natural healing process might also result in some spinal stiffness and reduce your range of motion. So, be kind to yourself the next day. Avoid twisting your spine; else, you’ll be favoring it all day.

Turn On The TV

With everything that goes on around us all the time, the world is a pretty wild place. The temptation to watch the news while on social networking or using other phone applications while curled up in bed may be strong. However, there are a lot of stressful things going on that could make you feel overwhelmed. Such unkindness will simply serve as a model for the remainder of the day.

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11 Things You Should Never Do Just After You Wake Up

Set aside some quiet time for yourself in the morning rather than turning on the TV. Meditate. Reflect. Create a journal entry. But above all, unwind.

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