11 Things You Should Never Do Just After You Wake Up

Go Without Protein

Some people will argue that breakfast isn’t all that necessary and that you may skip it if you don’t feel like eating, and that is totally OK. However, if you have a full day of physical activity planned or have already worked out, you should have something with some protein in it. Ingesting a muffin quickly will just overwhelm your body with sugar, which may feel nice at the time but may lead to a crash later.

11 Things You Should Never Do Just After You Wake Up

Choosing proteins and good fats, which take longer to digest and provide you with much more energy, is the greatest method to give yourself some energy.

Drink Coffee

According to studies, the ideal time to consume coffee is between 10AM and noon. When a warm cup of coffee serves as motivation to get out of bed, it may seem absurd. However, if you get up early, you may want to wait a few hours before filling a cup for yourself. The generation of cortisol by your body can be taxed by caffeine. You will simply plunge yourself further into a well of stress if you already feel stressed out from not obtaining a full night’s sleep or doing something else on this list.

11 Things You Should Never Do Just After You Wake Up

Your blood glucose levels fall as a result. Naturally occurring cortisol spikes occur during the course of the day, but some situations can also cause cortisol levels to climb and decrease more often.

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