23 Ways to Not Fall In Love With Someone Who Will End Up Hurting You

23 Ways to Not Fall In Love With Someone Who Will End Up Hurting You

Understanding how falling in love begins is essential if you want to learn how to avoid doing so.

It takes time for a person to win your heart once you start to like them. You’re experiencing infatuation, which is an emotion. And although while infatuation might seem like an impenetrable barrier that prevents you from seeing anything else, it ultimately passes.

For the most part, those of us who have a crush become more in love as time goes on. It’s not because we’re so inescapably pulled to them; rather, it’s because we consciously decide to allow them to prick our hearts even more deeply.

You may believe that “the heart wants what it desires,” and in certain cases, you would be correct.

But you can control those escalating feelings and halt any potential romantic developments. It is possible to learn how to avoid falling in love, but it requires commitment and work.

Falling in love and its confusions

It’s simple to become confused at times. If a friend or coworker is endearing and nice, you can find yourself having an emotional affair with them before you realize it.

Or, even worse, you may be madly in love with them despite the fact that every cell in your body might be screaming for you to turn around!

You then make an effort to stop yourself, but every time you do, it causes you more pain.

Finally, you decide to quit up and wallow in your own sorrow. You may be in love with someone who is completely unsuitable for you or who may never truly return your feelings for them.

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But the fact is that you continue to have power over your own life and heart. If you absolutely want to, you can decide to leave a relationship rather than go further into it. Here are the key stages to accomplishing that.

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