8 ‘Nice Girl’ Habits All Women Need To Break

8 ‘Nice Girl’ Habits All Women Need To Break

Women are under constant pressure in our culture to be kind, lovely, and people-pleasers. We are often advised to be polite, quiet, and stay to ourselves, but the truth is that doing these things won’t help you at all.

Many of us believe that in relationships and the dating scene we must behave in a specific manner or else we won’t get the guy. But a good man would want you to respect yourself and not compromise your dignity in order to win him over. While we may believe that being the “good girl” would ensure our happy ending, we are really undermining ourselves. I’ll list 8 good lady behaviors that every ladies should immediately stop doing below.

1. Cancelling your plans to accommodate him.

There is always the temptation to put everything else on hold to spend time with the new person you are dating while you are still getting to know them. However, if you’ve already made arrangements and he phones you at the eleventh hour, you should respond, “Okay, certainly. I’ll cancel my arrangements,” just gives the impression that you don’t respect yourself and the individuals you had plans with. In addition, it establishes a precedent that the wrong person may exploit.

2. Saying yes to a relationship, too soon.

The excitement of meeting someone new is wonderful since you are learning about them and it is simple to be swept up in the moment. The fact is, getting to know someone takes time. It seems as if you are desperate if you attempt to dive in too quickly. Anyone with common sense will want to take their time and create something from scratch.

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