A Letter to My Bestie, Who Treats My Children Like Her Own

A Letter to My Bestie, Who Treats My Children Like Her Own

Many new mothers lament the friendships they lost before having children. There is no disputing that being pregnant damages your friendships, but it doesn’t mean all is gone. You’ll realize that every alteration in your friendship was worthwhile when your closest friend begins to treat your kids like her own.

I am one of the fortunate ones, and I am eternally grateful to my closest friend for always treating my kids as her own. Time restrictions, lifestyle changes, and misunderstandings may cause distance between friends, but when you have a buddy who is more like family than a friend, everything works out.

This letter is sent to my dearest friend, who never fails to support us and accepts my children for who they are. It’s also for all the other ladies who raise their best friend’s children as if they were their own. You should be aware of our love for you.

Dear Bestie,

You have supported me and my children through so many important events. You receive my initial response to every circumstance since you are the first person I text when I have anything to offer. You always go along for the trip and are the first to know what’s happening with my kids.

Prior to having children, our connection was very different, but it is now much more solid. You were the only one who truly understood me when we were adolescents. You now also understand who I am as a parent.

You’ve been there for me through every stage of life, and that means the world to me. It’s another amazing period of my life having you as my closest friend while our children grow together. This time, it doesn’t just make me happy; you also greatly enhance the lives of my children.

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Love remained constant despite all of life’s ups and downs. I can never express enough gratitude to you, Bestie, for the love that now overflows onto my kids.

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