Best Pizza Dough

Best Pizza Dough

You will only ever need this homemade traditional Italian pizza dough recipe to make pizza. You may make it by hand or with a stand mixer. It will make your pizza night even more memorable, so there’s no need for takeout. Any topping will do!

The pizza dough can either be prepared the same day or refrigerated overnight to rise. Perfect in both cases. Make a classic pizza like Margherita or a well-liked pizza like Bianca.
Pizza from Italy was never so delicious. Make this the new favorite pizza recipe for your family by learning all you need to know.

It is really simple to find decent pizza dough in Italy. I occasionally would go to my neighborhood bakery (forno) and buy a pound or two of dough. However, after tasting a pizza created with this dough, I realized that, no matter how delicious bakery dough was, I would no longer be using it. I was inspired by that pizza to start making my own pizza dough.

It goes without saying that the recipe for this pizza dough has been handed down for I don’t know how many years. It is the greatest pizza dough, I assure you. You may choose between a thin or thick crust, and you can then top it with any fresh toppings you choose.

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