How To Clear A Clogged Drain: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Clear A Clogged Drain: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the things that most homeowners won’t consider until it is too late is drain cleaning. Drain blockages can cause a variety of issues, from flooding your basement to water backing up into your sink or bathtub. Fortunately, there are a few easy techniques to unclog clogged drains and avoid problems altogether. For advice on unclogging a drain and when to call the pros, continue reading.

How often should the main drain be cleaned?

The majority of specialists advise homeowners to get their main drain cleaned once a year to avoid obstructions and maintain the system functioning properly. Hair, oil, soap scum, and debris are just a few of the things that can clog main drains. These obstructions might result in backups and sewage spills if they are not addressed. While some homeowners attempt to unclog main drains on their own, this is frequently unsuccessful and may even make the issue worse. The best course of action is often to contact a licensed plumber to clear the main drain.

Can I snake my own drain?

When drains get blocked, many people try to unclog them on their own, but this frequently causes more damage than good. Using plungers and commercial drain cleaners too frequently might harm your pipes because they’re not always effective. Although snaking a drain is a very easy task, it does call for the appropriate tools and some knowledge. But if you’re set on doing it yourself, you should be aware of these things.

A drain snake must first be rented or purchased. Make sure the snake is the proper size for your pipe; if it is too little, it won’t work, and if it is too huge, it can become stuck. As soon as you have the snake, put it in the drain and start to force it through the obstruction. Continue until the drainpipe comes to an end. Finally, rinse away any leftover particles with hot water. You should be able to clean your drain on your own with time and work, but continue with caution.

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