Road Trip Hacks for Kids

Road Trip Hacks for Kids

So you and your family made the decision to go by car. You have prepared your luggage and your route, and are now considering any last-minute details you could have overlooked. We’re glad you found us. In this article, we discuss a few last-minute road trip tips. Keep your kids happy, protected, and from complaining about hunger! See our list below!


Sparkle Bottles

You need to determine the ideal ratios for you in order to build these… nonetheless, these are the components:

Road Trip Hacks for Kids

1 Plastic Bottle

1 Bottle of Glue (Clear)

1 Bottle of Colored Glitter Glue

3 Different Kinds of Glitter

Food Coloring


a medium saucepan with water on the boil

Put the appropriate quantity in a plastic or glass container.

To make the mixture thicker, add additional Clear Glue. For one minute, stir.

To give it extra texture and sparkle, use Glitter Glue. For one minute, stir.

Food coloring and many types of glitter can be added. Stir everything together completely.

You can try adding extra Clear or Glitter Glue if the mixture is too runny.


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