Sweet Potato vs Potato – Carbs, Nutritional Value…

Sweet Potato vs Potato – Carbs, Nutritional Value…

Which is better, white or sweet potatoes? In terms of nutrition, carbohydrates, calories, and vitamins, which one is healthier for you. Learn more about them and the best ways to prepare food with them by reading on.

The fight between Sweet Potatoes vs Potatoes

Although they are not closely related, sweet potatoes and potatoes both belong to the root vegetable family. While sweet potatoes belong to the morning glory family, white potatoes are members of the nightshade family. They differ in the nutrients they contain and how they impact your blood sugar.

We discuss the differences between sweet potatoes and potatoes in this blog article, including their nutritional worth, flavor, amount of fat, and many healthy cooking methods.

Both foods are widely consumed and enjoyed in a variety of ways around the globe. They are two of the crops that are grown the most widely.

Potatoes are a great complement to any meal, whether breakfast, lunch, or supper, since they are simple to cook, delectable, and satisfying. They are quite nutritious and, according to experts, should be part of a balanced, healthy diet. Although some people believe sweet potatoes to be more nutrient-dense, all varieties are good for you.

Nutritional value of potatoes vs sweet potatoes

While being low in calories, potatoes offer a lot in the way of minerals and fiber. What is the healthier of the two is a common Google query among Brits. Despite the fact that they are both beneficial, sweet potatoes may be superior because of their high levels of beta carotene and vitamin A. White potatoes do not count against our 5-a-day because of their naturally high carbohydrate content, but sweet potatoes do.

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Antioxidant beta carotene shields the body’s cells from cancer. This is the fundamental justification for why sweet potatoes are frequently referred to as the healthier potato, however this is a matter of preference. The fundamental distinction between the two is sweetness.

The truth is that both types of potatoes are healthier than one another. They both provide additional health advantages. Include both in your diet and switch up the flavors and dishes to get the best of both worlds.

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