Sweet Potato vs Potato – Carbs, Nutritional Value…

Sweet Potato vs Potato – Carbs, Nutritional Value…

Nutrient difference between 100g of potatoes vs sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato vs Potato – Carbs, Nutritional Value…

Potato Fun Facts

  • They contain more potassium than a banana
  • Potato skin contains the most fibre
  • Potatoes are 80% water

Sweet Potato vs Potato: Carbs

Due to their high carbohydrate content, potatoes and sweet potatoes are categorized as starchy vegetables. Carbohydrate-containing foods are necessary for a balanced diet. They give the body the glucose it needs to turn into energy, giving us the drive to engage in physical activity.

Potato vs Sweet Potato: Calories

Neither has a very high calorie count. White potatoes have 87 calories per 100g and sweet potatoes have 94 calories per 100g. both wearing skin. Check out this page to learn about the typical serving sizes for a diet that is both balanced and healthful.

Cooking with Sweet Potatoes and Potatoes

Even while they both offer a wealth of advantages and excellent nutrients, potatoes may quickly become dangerously high in calories. We are not lying! When you’re in the mood for something sinful, deep-fried potatoes taste extremely good, but they ignore how healthy and nourishing the vegetable is.

The biggest advantages and nutrients are maintained while baking sweet potatoes and normal potatoes with their skin on. Potato peel is a rich source of fiber. Still, exercise caution when applying anything to them thereafter. The benefits for your health will be diminished if you add a ton of salt, butter, or other ingredients.

Sweet Potato vs Potato – Carbs, Nutritional Value…

Sweet potato fries vs regular fries: Calories

Compared to conventional fries, sweet potato fries contain a little increase in calories and carbohydrates. But deep-frying renders neither nutrient-dense. The health benefits of selecting sweet potatoes over normal fries are minimal.

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The best advice for those of you who avoid gluten is to always ask your waitress if the fries or chips are gluten-free. In addition to the frequent cross-contamination of fries with other gluten-containing foods in fryers, sweet potato fries are occasionally coated with flour.

However, for a healthy alternative with fewer calories, consider baked fries or air fryer fries if you want something that tastes like the familiar and beloved french fries.

For all types of diets, including vegan, gluten-free, keto, lower-calorie, LiberEat has a ton of delicious, nutritious, and full potato recipes.

There are numerous potato dish alternatives available, but for the time being, have a look at some of our favorites from LiberEat and The Vegan Society.

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