The 10 best global universities of 2022

The 10 best global universities of 2022

U.S. News & World Report unveiled its eighth annual list of the world’s top institutions on Tuesday.

The 2022 ranking evaluates 1,750 schools from more than 90 nations using 13 distinct factors, including as faculty publications, international collaboration, and research repute.

The emphasis on academic research distinguishes these ranks from the rest of U.S. News’ education rankings, according to Robert Morse, chief data strategist. “The Best Global Universities feature an overall ranking of more than 1,700 universities, as well as subject rankings of additional 255 universities, for a total of 2,005 schools, providing even more information for prospective students interested in universities where research is a top priority,” the website claims.

Eight of the top ten slots, which are mostly unchanged from the previous year with the exception of the University of Washington, Seattle, and Cambridge University each moving up one spot, are held by American universities, as in prior years. Losing two places was California Institute of Technology.

The rating, however, also highlights the best universities in the world. The finest university in Africa was selected the University of Cape Town, the best university in Asia was Tsinghua University in Beijing, the best university in Australia was The University of Melbourne, and the best university in Latin America was The Universidade de So Paulo.

According to U.S. News, these are the top 10 colleges worldwide as of 2022:

1. Harvard University

The 10 best global universities of 2022


Cambridge, Massachusetts — United States


Top-ranked institution in numerous fields, including economics and business as well as biology and biochemistry.

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