Toxic People: Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Toxic People: Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

Don’t allow poisonous and negative individuals rent space in your brain, Robert Tew once said. Increase the rent and evict them. Pushing toxic individuals away and keeping their negative energy out of your life might be simple at times. Other times, even when they aren’t adding anything good to your life, you don’t want to let them go.

From my experience, I can state that removing individuals from your life is neither enjoyable nor simple. Sometimes, especially if you’ve been friends for a long time, you just can’t let go. If they are poisonous, though? What if you were the victim of a backstab? Should you remain close then? Do you think you should try again with them? Should you ever again put your faith in them?

I have specifically posed these queries to myself. They messed up, thus I don’t want them back in my life, you can reason. On the other hand, it’s not always a terrible idea to surround yourself with poisonous individuals. The difficulties we encounter in life, as well as the highs and lows, are not intended to harm or obliterate us. Instead, they’re intended to fortify us. Although it may be difficult to believe, I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way via adversity.

My back was stabbed by my closest friend, who afterwards started dating my boyfriend.

Was I annoyed? Yes. Did she merit another chance? No. Did she merit to be banished from my life? Yes. I realized as a result that I need to have started off putting more of an emphasis on myself. For instance, I never ought to have entered a relationship for which I wasn’t prepared. Did I let her back into my life, though? Yes. Has she earned my trust once more? No. After all, it is where the boundary should be set.

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At work, one of my close friends tried to get me in trouble by accusing me of something. I was first quite frustrated, but I refused to put myself on par with her. She entered my life, so I did.

People that are toxic often oppress, control, and criticize you. You must be more resilient than them and resist falling victim to their psychological tricks. Instead of letting their bad vibes affect you, let them strengthen you.
People that are toxic want you to fail. Work harder and disprove their claims. They oppose your growth. Work harder and keep going, then. The finest feeling in the world comes from attempting to disprove them. You feel accomplished as a result.

So, remove those harmful individuals from your life. But if you do, be careful to prove them wrong and demonstrate your abilities. You’ll discover that you’re more powerful than they are.

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