What is a True Friend? The 18 Key Characteristics of Real Friends

1. Someone who is trustworthy

A true buddy is what? someone in whom you may entrust your life. It’s ride or die for you now. Someone who will be on your side and to whom you may confide anything without fear of reprisal. This is priceless and difficult to come by these days.

2. A person who really listens

Of course, friendships are reciprocal, but a true friend is someone who truly listens to you and comprehends not just what you are saying out loud, but also what you are not.

This individual will be completely familiar with you and be able to understand your body language, voice tone, speech rate, etc. Your words will be taken and combined into a single, reasonable conclusion by them. Only a genuine buddy have that unique talent.

3. You know if you need them, they’ll be there

Need to bury a dead at three in the morning? I really hope not, but you get the idea. This is a person who will stand by your side in difficult situations, as well as in times of distress, pain, and illness.

Since they have their own life, good friends may not always be physically there for you. Keep this in mind.

On the other hand, they will be there for you when you call and will drop everything if necessary. Of course you ought to reciprocate with them.

4. Someone who is understanding

Too many individuals have narrow minds. They hold the opinion that it is the sole valid one. There is nothing else.

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You are mistaken if you dare to have a different viewpoint. It’s not them if you’re questioning, “What is a best friend?” Even if it goes against what they believe in or agree with, a good friend tries to understand your point of view and can see things from your perspective.

5. They’re not afraid of tough love

True friendship isn’t about constantly siding with each other and saying what you think they should hear. It involves having the courage to correct others when they’re mistaken, when something appears foolish, or when they’re acting ridiculously.

Even though it may hurt, everything you do is done with the finest of intentions.

That distinguishes a trustworthy buddy from a flaky one.

6. They’ve got your back, even when you’re not there

Someone hurling insults in your direction? When you aren’t present to defend yourself, a real friend will call them out and handle the situation. That’s being loyal. It’s also one of the most important qualities to cross off your list.

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