Which Credit Cards Do Oprah, Beyoncé and Other Rich People Use?

JP Morgan Reserve (Palladium) Card

Which Credit Cards Do Oprah, Beyoncé and Other Rich People Use?

The J.P. Morgan Reserve (Palladium) card is another status symbol credit card, but it shouts “hedge fund manager” rather than “jet-setting celebrity.” What does it have to do with the Palladium? As if plastic wasn’t high status enough, the card is constructed of the precious (expensive) metal, according to Credit Card Insider. Due to the metal, it is the heaviest credit card you have ever carried in your wallet, which was also necessary given the card’s financial criteria.

Additionally, you must be a member of J.P. Morgan Private Bank to receive this card. The Wall Street Journal reports that you need to have at least $10 million in “investable assets” to be a member of such bank.

Benefits include several methods to earn rewards points, including via meals and travel as well as additional points for using Lyft (through March 2022).

Annual travel credits, priority pass membership that enables you to access airport lounges at over 1,200 airports, a free DoorDash subscription that waives delivery fees, travel insurance, and rental vehicle coverage are additional benefits. At Chase’s upscale hotels and resorts, you’ll also get access to complimentary room upgrades and breakfast, among other perks.

However, most importantly, you’ll have a status symbol that few can claim when you pull out your gleaming metal card.

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