Why you should never stop learning new skills

Why you should never stop learning new skills

Coach Helen McMillan, a purpose expert, continues, “It may be agonizing, but having people you trust tell you how they view you is eye-opening.”

After some introspection, you may decide that little adjustments will make you feel more content in the now and optimistic about the future rather than a major shift. Mallon exclaims, “You don’t have to quit your job and join the circus!” It can involve enrolling in a training program at work or taking an evening class. You may also consider taking the next steps to improve and increase your engagement in a hobby that you currently make time for. Gaining more skill at something you like doing can spark bigger change down the road or it could just mean you enjoy your activity more without feeling any performance pressure. Whether it’s riding a bike or baking a cake, Mallon advises retiring to something you feel naturally excellent at when your confidence needs repairing.

Being a novice once more is a must for beginning any form of learning as an adult, which you may find freeing, exhilarating, and sometimes frightening. Marshall cautions about the phase of learning where it ceases being fresh and might start to feel more difficult: “Let yourself be interested and open to learning, without judgment.” It’s acceptable to feel uneasy and find anything difficult, she explains. If you anticipate the sticky center, it won’t come as a complete surprise. But if you do end up deciding something isn’t for you, it’s okay; not everything will work out. She asserts that while acquiring skills for a goal is excellent, learning for fun is as advantageous.

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There is one question Marshall asks her customers to help them see the light if they want to attempt something new but are still considering what that may be: What would you do with an additional hour in the day if it appeared overnight? Now inquire as to the costs and advantages of doing more of it. Simply being aware of it will encourage frequent visits when you have free time, she asserts.

The activities you decided to do when you had more time to do anything you wanted, Mallon believes, might provide insight into the prior 18 months. “Consider what you did during lockdown and what these actions reveal about your principles. The more certain you are about your convictions, the simpler it will be to uphold them.”

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