6 Signs Your Child Is Manipulating You

6 Signs Your Child Is Manipulating You

3. They play the victim.

I was spending some time with my stepdaughter a few months back. As she began to describe the school to me, I observed that she kept saying things like, “My instructor is usually cruel to me. She doesn’t treat anybody else badly, but she constantly picks on me. When in fact what had occurred was that she had been misbehaving in class and the instructor had gotten on her, she would then go on to talk about how harsh her teacher was. When your kid is ten or eleven years old, this may seem harmless enough, but the more you reward this conduct, the more likely you are to grow a youngster with a victim mentality.

4. They lie & tell you what you want to hear.

Your youngster will often tell lies to you when you ask them about a scenario in order to acquire what they want. For instance, you may inquire, “Did you make up your bed? ” before departing to drive them to their friend’s house. I just needed it from you before I took you to Kim’s. They could respond by saying, “Yes, mum, I did.” Once you return, check to see whether it was completed later. They won’t be able to visit their friend’s house the next time, which is the obvious result of this situation.

5. They refuse to respond to you when you ask a question.

They don’t listen to you when you speak to them. If this occurs, make sure they know right away that you will react to their silence with consequences or punishment.

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6. They threaten.

That kind of conduct has to be stopped right now. You should act swiftly if your kid threatens to behave poorly because you are asking them to do something or are preventing them from doing something. Make it quite clear that this conduct will not be accepted.

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