A better (and more ethical) approach to decluttering your home

A better (and more ethical) approach to decluttering your home

One of the most enjoyable things you can do is to declutter your house. Less stress, less debt, and more time to spend with family and friends are all advantages of a clutter-free home.

I undertook a major first decluttering a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back since. Every season, I make adjustments, but overall, I’ve managed to keep my home clutter-free.

Very early on in my minimalist path, I came to the conclusion that the “fill up a skip” philosophy wasn’t for me.

I detest the harm humans are causing to the earth and want to do my part to leave less of a carbon imprint.

Thus, in order to declutter our house, I have decided to take a more thoughtful approach.

Trash or treasure?

Keeping in mind what I like to refer to as the unlived lives of things is one strategy for maintaining this more aware attitude. Because the proverb is really accurate. Someone else’s treasure might be in my garbage.

like the motorcycle helmet that has been unused for over 7 years and is still in our garage. Maybe it wasn’t the intended conclusion to its tale? Maybe it was intended to use its remaining time to save the life of a young man who took unnecessary risks while riding his new motorcycle.

Then there is the outdated laptop that is kept in the extra closet. The hinge is ancient and sluggish, and it is broken. Yet, it could end up being a donor! When merged, parts from other devices that would otherwise end up in landfills are prevented from that destiny and are made usable once again.

While it may not be in style right now, the winter coat from our international vacation a decade ago is still in excellent shape. It would proudly ward against the cold for years to come from a new owner.

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Instead of simply dumping our unwanted items at the door of our neighborhood thrift stores, taking the time to think about who could benefit from them might be a terrific option.

A tale of two coffee makers

Of sure, we shouldn’t give inanimate items such a high unjustified worth. After all, they are simply ‘things’.

But what if these items we keep hidden away in our garages and closets may be useful to someone else? If we aren’t utilizing them, they have little to no worth when they are kept in our closet.

But in the hands of someone who is in utter need of that specific item? Our mess turns becomes their treasure.

We were given an ancient coffee maker a few years ago. The owners had upgraded and were going to take their previous model, which was in great working condition, to the recycling facility nearby. Fortunately, it ended up at our residence. Let’s just say that coffee plays a significant role in our household.

I first retained our plungers because I thought they could be a useful backup. But after a few months, they started to anger me since they were collecting dust in the bench’s corner.

A buddy of mine had always drank instant coffee. mostly due to the somewhat higher cost of other varieties of coffee. In order to start her started, I stopped over for coffee and brought the plungers I no longer required.

For two families, two thoughtful choices about undesired objects made a difference. And if you’re a parent who has struggled with sleep deprivation for a long time, you realize these were radical adjustments!

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