Science Explains Why Dancing Is So Good for the Mind and Body

Physical Benefits of Dance

  • Increases flexibility and agility. Because of our sedentary lifestyles, many of us have rigid, inflexible bodies. Joint pain and stiffness can also be brought on by aging and repeated motions (such as working in a factory). However, it can help our tight bodies relax and give us more energy. According to one research, cross-country skiers who trained in dance for many months had better spine flexibility and joint mobility. Their agility and quickness also improved.
  • Strengthens cardiovascular health If you are concerned about the condition of your heart, dancing can be the ideal solution. According to research, dancing often and at a moderate intensity may delay the onset of cardiovascular disease. Researchers discovered that dancing has more health advantages than walking.
  • It aids with weight loss. Due to inactivity, many people nowadays struggle to lose weight. We don’t have enough opportunities to exercise our bodies while going about our everyday business. However, even thirty minutes a day of dancing might aid in weight loss. Dancing burns an absurd amount of calories because it mixes aerobic workout with muscular development. One research, for instance, discovered that a single hour of mid-to-high-intensity Zumba may burn between 300 and 900 calories!

Benefits for Emotional Health

  • Enhances mood and relieves stress. Dancing your heart out is the best way to decompress. You tend to ignore your troubles and live in the moment while the music is thumping. In addition to students, one research revealed that dance therapy also reduced stress and sadness in patients with diseases including Parkinson’s and breast cancer. Another 2014 study found that dancing decreases cortisol levels and releases endorphins more than other forms of exercise.
  • It provides a possibility for interaction. At a gym, group fitness sessions provide you the chance to meet new people while getting your groove on. It’s not necessarily a terrible thing to multitask.
  • Enhances confidence and self-esteem. When you lose weight, you always feel better at ease in your own skin. This advantage is provided by dancing in addition to the joy of mastering a new talent. You may lose weight by exercising on the treadmill, but dancing can be a more enjoyable activity.
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