8 ‘Nice Girl’ Habits All Women Need To Break

8 ‘Nice Girl’ Habits All Women Need To Break

3. Having sex before you are ready.

There is a lot of pressure to start having sex right away. We witness people having sex on the first date in movies and assume that if we don’t do the same, we won’t get the man. Making him wait is a certain technique to check his motives, not only that. His intentions weren’t good if he doesn’t desire you because you wouldn’t have sex until you were ready.

4. Saying yes to everything.

It might be tempting to agree to all that someone requests of us when we want to make them happy and don’t want to risk losing them. However, you must set limits for yourself and retain your own life. You cannot possibly say yes to everything, and that is entirely OK. If you are honest about what you can and cannot accomplish, he will appreciate you a lot more.

5. Invest more time in the connection than he does.

Another myth in our culture is that women invest more time and energy in a relationship than men do. We often see ladies making back-to-back calls, pursuing the man, and going to great lengths to win him over. However, the dynamic of the relationship changes when you begin to exert more effort than he does. The truth is that the relationship won’t succeed if you put in more effort since he isn’t investing any.

6. Giving a second chance that is not deserved.

Give him no second opportunity if he betrays your trust, violates your trust, strikes you, or continues to disregard your limits. People do change, and sure, there are exceptions, but that is not what I’m arguing. But deep down, you already know whether or not he’s worth the additional chance.

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7. Pretending to be someone else to appease him.

It might come off as flaky when you start changing your preferences for music, fashion, and other things if you’re in a relationship. To be happy with someone, you don’t have to alter who you are. People from many cultures may unite to achieve happiness. Never make an untrue person out of yourself.

8. Self-diminishing behaviors.

You are undermining yourself when he complements you and you respond, “Oh, well, I’m not all that.” When we speak enough poorly about ourselves, particularly at first, others tend to believe us. He doesn’t know much about you, so if you dismiss his opinion by saying, “Nah, I’m not much of anything,” he could regard your word as gospel.

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