Toxic Family Members: 15 Signs and Reasons To Cut Them Off For Good

The most important connection in your life is with your family, right? Blood is said to be thicker than water, but what happens when blood becomes toxic? It’s difficult to adore toxic family members because of this.

Even while it’s important to understand where they’re coming from, there are moments when enough is enough. It’s a challenging and sticky situation (both physically and metaphorically) when your family doesn’t support you and doesn’t love you unconditionally.

How do you define toxic family members?

Let’s first clarify what toxic family members are before you jump to conclusions and accuse everyone in your family of being toxic.

A person is toxic if they are harmful to you in any manner. Perhaps they dominate you, lie to you, steal from you, insult you, have an addiction issue, or do anything that slightly or significantly worsens your life.

While leaving a toxic friendship or relationship is challenging enough, confronting or separating from a toxic family member is considerably more challenging. Just picture the uncomfortable get-togethers and family meals!

But if you want to maintain your sanity and general welfare, it must occur at some time. Some of us are forced to put up with toxic family members since not everyone is handed the finest family cards.

15 signs and reasons to let go of toxic family members

While it’s normal to feel obligated to our family, there are occasions when having toxic family members can cause this feeling to spiral out of control. It can be challenging to strike a balance between acceptable and unacceptable behavior from your family. Even if they are your biological relatives, it is advisable to terminate relationships if they are poisonous for you in any manner.

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Is it too harsh? Really? Not if it compromises your emotional and mental health. The longer you put up with your toxic relatives, the more likely it is that they will think their behavior is acceptable.

They leave you nowhere but shattered, broke, and feeling terrible because you are always trying to please them to the point of no return, bailing them out of jail, or protecting them from themselves. Here are the most obvious warning signals that a family member is poisonous.

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