Why Do Exes Always Come Back?

Why Do Exes Always Come Back?

Why do ex-lovers always return, especially when you’re starting to get over the hurt they caused you? It can come down to a number of different issues. Maybe they really do miss you and want to be with you again. They may be using you as a rebound after getting hurt in another relationship. Even if they won’t treat you fairly, they could be manipulative and try to keep you engaged.

You should pay attention to what your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend tells you since there are many reasons why they can decide to crawl back to you. Until you are certain that they have the correct intentions, be on watch. You don’t want to give them the go-ahead to sever your heart once more.

Keep in mind to wait for someone who merits you. If your ex doesn’t deserve it, don’t let them swoop back into your life and capture your heart again. Even if you were able to reconcile, it doesn’t always follow that you should. The no contact policy works well in some situations. Even if you know they aren’t the right person for you, it will get difficult to resist getting back together the more you see your ex.

Keep in mind that you split up for a purpose. Even though time has gone, nothing necessarily has changed. They can wind up hurting you the same way if you get back together. The past could repeat itself. You must exercise caution as a result. Despite what your intellect is telling you, pay attention to your heart. or what your body is trying to tell you.

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Here are a few possible explanations in case you’re wondering why your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend has suddenly returned to your life after going MIA for months or even years:

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